Welcome to Gusty.Bike, a website for programmers, bicyclists, guitarists, parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. Mostly for programmers at this time.

mov r0, 0x47757374 // gust to r0
mov r1, 0x792e4269 // to r1
mov r2, 0x6b650000 // ke00 to r2

Slow Down

Observing nature is good for you.

River House

Gorgeous sunsets are good for you.

Nap Time

Naps are good for you.

Farmer's Creamery

Hard work is good for you.


Having fun is good for you.

Traffic Jam - Not!

Driving a submarine is good for you.


Wind blowing your hair is good for you.

Software Engineering

Writing code is good for you.


Feeding the hungry is good for you.


Walking on the beach is good for you.

Ice Cream

Eating ice cream at a ball game is good for you.

Blessed to Give

Sharing gifts is good for you.


A bee stung lip is not good for you.

Gusty's Activities

I like to stay busy. Some of my activities are captured in these boxes.


I have several bicycles that I enjoy riding and maintaining. I try to ride everyday.

Guitar Playing

I enjoy playing my guitar, but I am not very good.

Tools and Fixing

I can fix a lot of things. I enjoy adding tools to my toolbox to fix things.


I enjoy developing software.

Family Games

My wife and I enjoy when my children and grandchildren visit for meals and games.


I enjoy reading; however, teaching takes away from my reading time.

Get in touch

Get in Touch looks cool, but does not work. I may enable it in the future.

CPSC Courses

CPSC 305 is computer architecture. There are three modules: Module C, Module ISA, and Module Arch. You can read the material by selecting the buttons below.

CPSC 405 is operating systems. We study the textbook Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces by Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau and Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

305 - Syllabus

305 - Module C

305 - Module ISA

305 - Module Arch

Covers low-level computer architecture aspects.

405 - Syllabus

405 - OSTEP Textbook

Future Use

For future use.

Future Use

For future use.